Words of Life

I love Christmas.  Merry Day-After!  Yet, this year, I think I have enjoyed Christmas Eve and today, more than Christmas Day.  What can I say?  The Day is filled with noise and activity and food and wrapping paper everywhere—all good stuff.  However, I have to confess that I am absolutely drawn to the peace and comfort of being home on Christmas Eve and relaxing on the day after.  On Christmas Eve, I bake and putter, and admire the tree lights and play Christmas music.  I watch Christmas movies and enjoy my coffee.  This year, I watched Little Women and It’s a Wonderful Life.  Besides all that, I thought, and wrote, and contemplated. 

One of the things I have been contemplating is my word of the year for 2011.  At the end of 2009, one of my friends referred me to Christine Kane’s blog and her Word of the Year.  With the word of the year, instead of a long list of resolutions, you choose one word to focus on for the year.  In 2010, I chose “gifts.”  It yielded some beautiful and unexpected results (which may be noted in a future post). 

This year, I want to focus on changing my thoughts.  I have considered trust, renewal, transform.  I am very excited about focusing on inner change instead of outer change–a huge shift for me.

Besides thinking about my word, I have spent the “day after” on the couch, under a crocheted throw, drinking coffee, eating too many cookies and reading Joyce Meyer’s book Power Thoughts.  This is the perfect book for my idea of changing my thought patterns.  I have also been journaling my responses to the “think about it” questions sprinkled throughout the book. 

Meanwhile, Scout the dog chews on a raw hide bone shaped like a candy cane, and my amazing husband is looking at sled design plans.  The Sound of Music  is on, and I feel like I have worn out my welcome on the couch.  It was a restful day, but I am looking foward to being more active tomorrow.  Tomorrow, I will be sassy, spunky, and spirited!


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