About the title: Sassy, Spunky & Spirited

     I am seeking more moments where I am sassy, spunky and spirited, whether I am at home by myself or surrounded by lots of people.  I love those three words, and today, I began to muse about their meanings.  Check out the definitions below:

Spirited:  characterized or full of animation, vigor or courage; lively

Spunky: courageous, spirited, full of pluck

Sassy:  lively and spirited, jaunty       

     So, apparently, these words have such similar meanings that I could have called my blog Spirited, Spirited & Spirited…or S Cubed. 

     With those definitions in mind, I will be watching out for to be more sassy, spunky, and spirited and noting all of the S-cubed moments.


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