Choosing Trust and Stepping Away from Stress

So, my usual M.O. for New Year’s Eve is to panic.  Why?  Typically, I have a list of goals and ideas and resolutions that I want to start on January 1st that is as long as my arm.  I know I won’t be able to do it all, but I cling to the thought that it’s possible, and that maybe I can worry it or reason it into coming to pass!

This year, things are different.

This last couple of days, I have been preparing for tomorrow.  Oh yeah, I know tonight is New Year’s Eve a.k.a. Party Night, but my heart is on tomorrow.  Confession:  I have been a little stressed about it, and even though my sole/soul intention is to trust God, I have felt the pressure of all of the other stuff as well.  What am I talking about?  Well, I am talking about the usual resolution stuff—losing weight, exercising more, reading in a different genre, writing more, keeping up with my blog when the semester starts…All of these goals and ideas spin around in my head and can overwhelm me. 

Still, I am trusting God.  I am trusting God to teach me how to do this trusting thing.  I am trusting him to give me the grace to enter 2011 calm and at peace instead of frantic and high-strung.

Anyway, in the midst of the overwhelm, or perhaps a little outside of it, I have been making my plans and preparations for the big day.  I am excited about the new possibilities and very much looking forward to the Power Thoughts Program.  What else?

Wednesday, I signed up for some classes at our local quilt shop.  I enjoy sewing and making things, but I am usually hesitant to commit to classes.  Well, I said “yes!” to something I wanted to do, and I am now committed to a block-of-the-month club that meets one Sunday per month for sewing and dessert, and I am committed to a Paula Party each month for the first three months of the year.  A Paula Party involves sewing a small project and eating a meal together made up of all Paula Deen recipes.  Did you notice the food + creativity theme?  Those are my kind of classes.

Yesterday, I bought small poster boards and markers (fun!) so that I can make and hang the signs I’m going to use to help get each power thought into my head, heart and spirit.  I also bought a little notebook to use as a gratitude journal.  I love keeping gratitude journals—I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t do it.  Today, I boxed up the 2011 files and made new files for 2011.  I plan to make clam chowder for supper, and when my sweetie gets home from work, we will eat and relax, watch movies, and greet the New Year together.


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