My Very Eclectic Blogroll

      If you check out all of the links on my blogroll, you may have difficulty finding a common theme.  What do these blogs have in common?  Well, I read them, I like them, they inspire me, and several of them are written by good friends I want to support.  The content varies tremendously from books and writing, to sewing, to productivity, to Christianity.

      I have always had difficulty putting together a blogroll in the past because I felt like I had to go find a bunch of blogs that were similar to mine and on the same topics.  However, I am really not that into reading the same thing over and over.  Then, it occurred to me­—instead of spending months searching for blogs that are similar to mind, why not create a blogroll of what I actually read, those sites that I check regularly for new posts?  I like variety, and I’m guessing that other people might as well.   I hope you enjoy checking out these wonderfully unique links.


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