Final Thoughts on #3: I will not live in fear.

     As I am preparing for week #4 of Joyce Meyer’s Power Thoughts  and a brand new thought to get wedged in my brain, I want to share a few parting thoughts about Power Thought #3:  I will not live in fear.

1.  I sleep much, much better since I have been focusing on the fact that I will not live in fear.  I used to go to bed and start worrying about things that I feared might happen the next day or the next week at work–how so and so might respond to something I did, or what someone might think or say….Now, I am really able to let it go.  It’s nice not dreading the coming day!

2.  Other than that, I don’t have a tremendous amount of awareness about the areas where I am prone to let fear hold me back.  I don’t think this is because fear isn’t in my life—I think it’s because I am a bit asleep to its influence.  So, I have started thinking throughout the day of doing One brave thing.  I will ask myself, What is the most fearless thing I could do in this situation?  It is very exciting and freeing stuff.  Thinking this way brought on the realization that while I desperately want positive change in my life, I am also afraid of upsetting the status quo.  Not sure why, and it doesn’t matter.  I am practicing doing one brave thing each day.  It may be as simple as exercising for 30 minutes–but, I have realized that fear keeps me in ruts, so any change or movement forward is an expression of courage.  Woohoo!


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