Power Thought #4: I am difficult to offend.

     I love this one.  Power thought #4 from Joyce Meyer’s book is I am difficult to offend.  I made my signs and hung them all over the house.  I enjoyed writing “I am difficult to offend.”  I was tempted to write,   “I am very darned near impossible to upset, and I love to overlook an offense.” 

 Just thinking about this one makes me happy.  Overlooking an offense or being difficult to offend means that you are 1.  a wise and discerning person–and who doesn’t want to be that?  2.  not going to let other people alter your mood and upset you and 3. not going to swallow the bait.  Offense is the first step to a bunch of other negative emotions and thoughts including bitterness, anger, and unforgiveness. 

     It is very important to become a person who is difficult to offend.  If I fall easily into offense, I open myself up to all kinds of wicked thoughts and lies from the devil.  I then focus on myself and reliving the offense and dealing with it, being angry about it, etc. and stay stuck.  If I am difficult to offend that means I get to believe good things about people.  I refuse to allow how someone treats me or (my perception of their treatment) to get me upset and ruin my day or my peace.  When someone says or does something that would normally hurt, anger or upset me, I must repeat in my mind, “I am difficult to offend.”  Then, instead of taking up the hurt, I release forgiveness and grace to that person and move on.


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