Power Thought #8: God Meets All My Needs Abundantly

     It’s time for a new power thought!  Let’s welcom Power Thought 8:  God meets all my needs abundantly.

     This one may sound a little too familiar at first.  Lots of people memorize the scripture, “My God will provide all my needs according to his riches in glory” (Philippians 4:19).  It’s even in a lot of Christian praise songs. 

     So, what’s new here?  For me, it’s the holistic concept of prosperity.  I have always in the past thought of prosperity and God meeting my needs only in terms of finances.  God will provide money to pay the bills, buy food, and provide shelter.  Yet, God sees our prosperity and meeting our needs as something that encompasses a lot more.  We do, after all, have other needs, right?

     Isn’t part of being prosperous having good health, loving relationships, lots of friends, rewarding work, creative outlets, relaxation, and the ability and means to bless others?!  It is exciting to meditate on all the fullness of the prosperity God wants to give us in meeting all of our needs. 

    I also had the realization as I was reading about this power thought, that I need to have an attitude of expectation for abundance and blessing in all areas of my life.  God meets my needs constantly by giving me wisdom, helping me to solve a difficult problem, supplying a word of encouragement when I need it–the list goes on and on.

     The chapter for each power thought has several “think about it” questions.  One of the questions that really got me was this:  “What are you expecting?”  I had to be honest–not much.  I expect God to help me with the tasks and demands of the day.  The end.  Another way of looking at that is to say that I expected God to give me the help I needed to survive the day.  Now, I am realizing that God wants more for me that simply “surviving the day.”  It is time for me to reexamine and lift up my expectations so that I can really embrace the thought:  God meets all my needs abundantly.  Now, time to meditate on that and renew my mind!


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