First Things First

     The final power thought in Joyce Meyer’s book Power Thoughts, #12 is the most important one of all:  I put God first in my life.  That means that God, his will, and being obedient to his word is our top priority.  We give him the first portion of all that we have–spending the first part of the day with him, giving, going to him first for advice instead of turning to a friend or the Internet. 

     Unlike the other chapters, this one is not sprinkled with lots of “think about it” questions.  At the very end, there is a simply stated question.  We are admonished to be honest with ourselves, and then Joyce Meyer asks if we have allowed anything to get before God in our priorities, and if so, to fix it.

     I realized in doing this exercise that I have put myself before God–only it looks a little more spiritual than that–I think of it in terms of improving myself and my life.  The (wrong) thinking here is that once I am improved and have my life really together, then  I will pursue God wholeheartedly!  This is such a fallacy–I have fallen for it before, and I am dismayed that I fell for it again.  I may long for transformation on many levels–but none of it can happen without God.  He changes us and improves us and enriches our lives as we pursue Him, love Him, and put Him first.


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