Why Blog?

Blogging is something I keep coming back to.  This is my THIRD one, after two not-so-successful previous attempts, but I keep coming back to it.  I am believing that the third time’s the charm. 

I started my first blog after finishing my first year back at college teaching.  I only had one class to teach during the summer, which meant less money and more time.  I thought that I could make money blogging, and also help people and build a community through my little blog.  That first blog, Wholesometalk, wasn’t very well defined.  I wanted to write encouraging pieces for women, but I wanted to write about lots of other things, too.  Although I didn’t make any money, I did make some friends.  I was recently married, and living in a tiny town in the country, so a blog gave me a bit of a social outlet.  (I have heard it said that to be happy in the country, it helps to have a dog.  I would add that it also helps to have a blog.)  Anyway, when the fall semester started, I no longer felt I had time to keep up with blogging regularly.  Then the site was hacked, and deleted.

The following summer (2010), I had more time (again) and my desire to blog returned.  This time, I did not want to make money.  I did not even care that much if anyone actually read what I was writing.  The blog Coffeecake was simply an outlet for me.  It was a way to reflect on my days, changes, and observations that were on my mind.  I think it was so inwardly focused that it fizzled out, and I lost interest in it.  That blog has also been deleted.

 So, here I am, blogging again with Sassy, Spunky & Spirited.  What’s different this time around?  For one, I think I have much greater clarity on why I want to blog and why I have given it up in the past:

n  The number one reason why I blog is for personal fulfillment and enjoyment.  I have always liked writing, and the short form of the blog suits me.  I like the challenge of coming up with interesting topics to write about and the whole process of getting my thoughts down.

n  Blogging is a type of journal, not as personal as a diary by any means, but it is a way of documenting life, and when I write about a day or an event, I savor, enjoy, notice, and remember it all over again.

n  It gives me a way to share.  I am part of a community of bloggers.  I read lots of blogs partially for information and inspiration, but also because I am curious about people.  After reading so many blogs, I feel the need to join in the conversation.  By sharing my life and my thoughts via this blog, I too, am opening up to others in the community who are looking for information or inspiration or who are simply curious about someone else’s life. 

n  Finally, blogging or posting something new is a treat.  It gives me a joy similar to what I feel when I finish a creative project.  This also explains why (I believe) I have given it up in the past.  I have a work-first-play later or never nature which means that when I get busy with work, the treats, like blogging, fall by the wayside. 

Learning to keep the fun elements in my life and still get my work done…sigh.  This is all part of my ongoing quest for balance.  Blogging helps me move toward balance.