More Unconditional Love: My Weaknesses & Asking for Help

     While today is the transition day (the day I should begin focusing on the 3rd Power Thought discussed in Joyce Meyer’s Power Thoughts, I have something else I want to share about Power Thought #2: God loves me unconditionally.  One of the most important points to get about unconditionally is the simple fact that God’s love is not dependent on our performance. 

     That means two important things to me that I am slowly coming to terms with:  I have weaknesses that aren’t going to go away, and I will always need God’s help—every day, and in everything.  I know these things. I really do, and yet, I find myself thinking that tomorrow, someday, in the near or distant future that I will be stronger and not need so much grace for my weaknesses.  I think that that the fact that I am constantly asking God for help has got to be wearying to Him, and that I need to get to the point where I don’t need so much help!  I guess it’s our culture, our humanity—to want to be strong and to want to be independent, but that fact is apart from God I can do nothing.

    I have started to remind myself throughout the day, “I have weaknesses, and that’s okay.  God’s strength is made perfect in weakness.”  I also repeat, “I need God’s help today, and I will need God’s help tomorrow.”  God loves me unconditionally and He wants to help me.  The idea that God gets weary is a lie, the idea that he gets tired of hearing his children ask for help is even more ridiculous.  God is my Help.  God is my Strength.