No Worrying! Trust God & Be Happy!

I always get excited on Friday, knowing that I have a new Power Thought to look forward to on Saturday.  I like to prepare on Friday.  I reread the appropriate chapter in the Joyce Meyer book Power Thoughts and I write out answers to all of the “think about it” questions in the book.  I write down the scriptures that go with the power thought, and I use my Crayola markers to make new signs to post around the house.  It has become a weekly ritual.  My husband always notices when I “change the signs.” 

Last week’s power thought was this:  I love people and I enjoy helping them.  While other power thoughts may help me in overcoming my negative thinking, this one was definitely the most fun so far.  I am trying to put more thought into being a blessing, and I have already learned that when I really set my mind to the idea, I get all kinds of creative inspiration for ways to bless people.  I plan to continue asking God each morning for someone to bless, and what to do for that person.  It’s fun!

Now, it is time to move on to power thought #6:  I trust God completely; there is no need to worry.  This one is huge for me.  I chose “trusting God” as my “word(s) of the year” because I felt that the single thing that robbed my joy most was worry.  I realized that trusting God is the opposite of worry, so that is why it is my theme for 2011.  I am excited to have the opportunity, and the inspiration from the book, to put all of my focus on trusting God instead of worrying.

This has been a challenging week for those with a tendency to worry (me).  We had a blizzard, new heifers calving during the blizzard, impassable roads, and lots of work/classes missed.  In fact today is my fourth snow day/full day in the house.  I had to cancel my classes again today because I simply cannot get out.  Our roads have not been plowed.  Clearly, there is nothing in my power to change the situation, and yet, there is still a temptation to worry about my classes, my job, missing school, falling behind, etc.  Instead, I keep reminding myself that I have done everything I can do.  This one is beyond my control.  I just keep saying over and over again, “Lord, I trust you with ____________,” according to the specific situation.  This practice is restoring my peace of mind, and enabling me to enjoy the day that I have, at home in the house.

This week, let’s all practice saying and thinking:  I trust God completely; there is no need to worry.


God’s Unconditional Love–What does it mean?

     I have had some difficulty with the second Power Thought, God Loves Me Unconditionally.  I attribute this to living in a world where we are flippantly reminded of God’s love constantly, but in a way that is very superficial.  We may see “God (Hearts) You! on buttons, grafiti, and tee shirts.  We may say it, hear it, and never really think about it.  In this next post, I tried to go beneath the surface and really consider what God’s unconditional love means for me.

  1. My performance has been canceled.  God is pleased with who I am.  Even when I make mistakes, God is pleased with who I am.  He may not like everything I do, but he knows that I have weaknesses.  He is faithful and lovingly corrects me because he wants me to overcome and to enjoy life.  He wants me to enjoy his salvation.  God is not frustrated with me.  God’s patience with me is endless because of his unconditional love.  God loves me and accepts me just as I am, in this moment.  There is nothing wrong with me, and there is nothing wrong about me.  God has made me right and literally transformed into righteousness in Jesus.  God wants me to do what is good and right, but he doesn’t love me more when I do.  He doesn’t love me less when I mess up.  Even when I make the same mistake a zillion times, God is still patient and his love for me, his joy in me, and the song he sings over me—never stops.
  2. I love myself unconditionally and don’t compare myself to others.  I believe that because God loves me unconditionally that he wants me to love myself unconditionally as well.  This means that I am not hard on myself.  I am easy on myself.  I give myself grace and treat myself with kindness and patience no matter what happens.  God is in the process of changing me and helping me to overcome my faults, mistakes, and sins.  I am patient with myself through this process and treat myself with gentleness.  Nothing is accomplished by being mean to myself, feeling guilty or punishing myself.  I am always God’s child—not just when I am doing everything right.  God created me unique.  I am incomparable to any other person.  Comparing myself to others is like comparing apples and oranges; not only do comparisons lead to despair and sadness, they just don’t make sense.
  3. God is not mad at me.  I am reconciled to God.  We are intimate and communicate often.  We are close.  He is not angry with me.  He is completely satisfied with who I am and pleased with who I am.
  4. My hope and all of my expectations are in God.  When I think about the fact that I am special and precious to God, every other circumstance and situation falls away—it’s like the rest of the world is only two-dimensional, and the only thing that’s real is God’s love and acceptance.  I feel precious and special.  I see and know that my life is good.  God’s hand is in everything that happens to me to bring about good and blessing for me, his special, precious child.  I feel God’s constant attention and care.  I feel like an insider—like I have been invited into a secret room at God’s house, and never have to leave.  This unconditional love gives me a confidence, like I can expect and know that I will receive favor.  Not all people will love me unconditionally—or even at all.  Sometimes, the way a person or loved one responds to me makes me think there is something wrong with me.  Then, I remember that God says there is nothing wrong with me.  I am special and precious.  If others don’t see this—it is because of something in them, not in me.  I do not depend on the reactions and acceptance of others to know my value and worth.  God is excited about who I am.  My hope and my expectation come from God.  He never has disappointed me, and He never will.

Power Thought #2: God Loves Me Unconditionally!

The second Power Thought is this:  God loves me unconditionally!  Do you believe that God loves you unconditionally?  I tend to answer this with a “yes, but…”  I need to simply realize and believe that God does love me unconditionally.  He loves you unconditionally, too.  He doesn’t love us less when we fail, mess up, or show our weaknesses.  He knows that we have weaknesses. 

     When we accept and rejoice in his unconditional love, it is much easier to move toward positive change and right behavior.  If we try to earn His love by being good and doing everything right, we set ourselves up for an unending cycle of frustration and never measuring up.  When we accept Jesus as our savior, God sees us as Jesus is—righteous and pure, His holy children.  This week, I am meditating on the fact that God loves me unconditionally.  I have posted signs around the house to help keep this Power Thought at the forefront of my mind—on everything from the fridge to the top of my coffee maker! 

     Normally, I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how much God loves me.  My human tendency is to focus more on the ways that I disappoint him.  Now, several times throughout the day, I am saying the Power Thought and reminding myself that I am precious and special to God.  This thinking transforms an ordinary day into a day to notice all of the signs of God’s goodness and blessing to me.