I am Disciplined and Self-Controlled.

 It is that time. Time for a new power thought from Joyce Meyer’s book Power Thoughts

I am one of those people.  One of those people who is always trying to lose weight, get in an exercise routine, get things done at night, drink more water, say only kind things, focus on uplifting thoughts, and keep the house tidy.  I am one of those people who has really good intentions, and then ends up eating the chocolate cake, skipping the exercise, spending the evening plopped on the couch, drinking too much coffee, saying things I shouldn’t, letting my mind wander and letting the house go.  My intentions are good, but in the past, I haven’t exercised much discipline.

There are areas in my life where I am very disciplined—I get up the second the alarm beeps every morning, I work hard at my job, I pay my bills on time, I take my contacts out every night, I send birthday cards on time, I feed and water the dog at the same time every day, I fix dinner for my husband every night and do the dishes right away.  I prepare our lunches and the coffee pot the night before…  So…I know I am disciplined…I just need to exercise it in a few more areas.

After a day of feeling very undisciplined in my eating, and pretty discouraged in general, imagine how timely it was to flip open to this week’s Power Thought:  I am disciplined and self-controlled.  The first step in being disciplined and self-controlled is believing that I am.  If I don’t I am disciplined, I won’t be.  God’s word says I am disciplined and self-controlled and that is the kind of behavior he expects from me.  This week, I am committed to adding new disciplines to my life, and I thank God for Power Thought #11.  I am disciplined and self-controlled.