Tuesday Night Ramblings

The weather here in Missouri has improved—there are no storms in the forecast this week.  It looks like I will make it to work/school every day.  That is a welcome change, and my classes are going very well.  What’s not going well everything else.  I can’t remember when I last cleaned the house.  My exercise routine isn’t really routine—it is sporadic at best.  Those things are discouraging, so I am going to try not to think about them and focus on what’s going well instead.  Life doesn’t always fall into line the way we plan it.  A day sometimes brings surprises, inconveniences, and delays.  I am trying to be adaptable to what comes, and accept what is with gratitude instead of beating myself up and getting angry when my plan for the day gets pushed to the side. 

Today’s Gratitude List:

  1.   I received word today that I have been awarded certification to teach English grades 5-12.  This is going to open up some new job possibilities for me.
  2.  I was asked to design a course for a professional development institute which will mean extra income. 
  3. The fact that my classes going well is not a blessing to be overlooked.  My students are engaged and I leave our meetings feeling happy and inspired.
  4.  There are the day-to-day joys of living the small town life.  Today, when I got home, my husband was at the opposite end of the drive setting up coral panels.  Scout the dog was with him.  We decided to play “catch” with Scout the dog.  Scout loves the snow and loves to run fast, so he kicks up a lot of wintery dust when he gets going.  I called him and he barreled toward me at a dead run.  Then, my hubby called him.  Then, we didn’t have to call him.  He just ran back and forth between us, while we laughed at his antics.  To sum up—a day that I laugh is a good day, even if my house is messy and I haven’t worked out.