My Very Eclectic Blogroll

      If you check out all of the links on my blogroll, you may have difficulty finding a common theme.  What do these blogs have in common?  Well, I read them, I like them, they inspire me, and several of them are written by good friends I want to support.  The content varies tremendously from books and writing, to sewing, to productivity, to Christianity.

      I have always had difficulty putting together a blogroll in the past because I felt like I had to go find a bunch of blogs that were similar to mine and on the same topics.  However, I am really not that into reading the same thing over and over.  Then, it occurred to me­—instead of spending months searching for blogs that are similar to mind, why not create a blogroll of what I actually read, those sites that I check regularly for new posts?  I like variety, and I’m guessing that other people might as well.   I hope you enjoy checking out these wonderfully unique links.


7 Fun Ideas for New Year’s Eve at Home

     My husband had to work all day today, and has picked up extra work all week for those on vacation, so we are anticipating a night of celebrating the New Year at home.  Here are some ideas to make a small celebration a little more special:

  1. Make something special for dinner.  I like making homemade pizza or a favorite soup for special nights at home.  We also have several packages of holiday food we might dig into tonight–salami and cheeses, fancy shortbread cookies, Bailey’s chocolates…
  2. My husband and I watch TV series DVDs via Netflix.  We pick a show together, and gradually watch all of the seasons.  We don’t watch DVDs every night.  We do it only a couple of times a week, and may only watch one episode.  It is fun to have the freedom and leisure to watch more if we desire.  We have also enjoyed listening to old-time radio shows and taking turns playing songs/videos for each other via youtube.  It may sound silly–but it can be a lot of fun.  One night, we kept trying to outdo each other by seeing who could find the oldest, yet still recognizable song.
  3. Play board games.  We love Scrabble.  The directions also offer “alternate” rules to play by if you want to shake things up a little.  Scrabble can take us over two hours to finish, so this is another special occasion activity.
  4. Turn down the lights,  and use candles for the evening to create a warm, cozy glow.
  5. Give each other backrubs, or foot rubs. 
  6. Go With the Flow!  I have these fun ideas in my head for tonight, but I also know that I need to be flexible.  For my sweetie, today was a difficult work day, so he may not come home in the mood to par-tay, even in a low-key way.  If he wants to use this evening to work on his blog or read, I am fine with that.  I can also celebrate with a special bath, and enjoy my own reading.
  7. Finally, when the clock turns to midnight, be ready for a smooth and a toast.  Have something fizzy and delicious on hand.

     Happy New Year!

From Cabin Fever to Cabin Cozy

     I had hoped for a fun hooky day out running around seeing and exploring today.  However, our icy, snow-packed gravel roads refused to cooperate and remain impassable for me in my little car.  So, I felt a little stuck, felt a little touch of cabin fever.  Then, I decided not to spend the day angry and frustrated about being stuck at home.  Instead, I began to think about the joy of being home, how cozy and warm it is here, and how glad I am that I don’t have to travel on treacherous roads.

     After all, before I know it, spring semester will begin, and a day spent at home will be a rare thing.  I will crave it.  I will probably even say to someone, “I just wish I could have one day when I didn’t have to go anywhere. ”  Well, today is that day, and after I made up my mind to enjoy it, I really have!

     It as been a hooky day too in the sense that I am not “making” myself do anything.  I slept an hour and a half later than usual–luxurious, took a bubble bath, and got bundled up to venture outside.  Scout the dog loves the snow, so he was my guide.  I didn’t go very far, but I did get to take a few pictures of the cattle near the pond, some giant icycles on the house, and Scout with his nose buried in the snow.  I thawed myself out with some coffee and did a little brainstorming for some new classes I am planning for the next couple of semesters.  Then, I read a bit of Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins.  It is the second book in The Hunger Games Trilogy.  I absolutely love young adult literature and it felt good to indulge myself and read something for pure enjoyment.  I am not obsessing about how fast/how slow the day is passing.  I am just enjoying the sweet moments. 

Scout loves the snow, but then again, Scout loves most things.